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At Levson Dental Lab, we’re not just a lab; we’re your partner in dentistry. Our mission is simple: to work closely with our dentists, providing esthetic smiles at affordable fees. Step into the future of dentistry with Levson Dental Lab. Seamlessly connect with our lab by sending us digital files from your intraoral scanner. Experience the efficiency and precision of digital workflows as we incorporate your digital impressions into our advanced protocols. Partner with us for a seamless digital dentistry experience.

Skillfully Crafted Restorations

Fixed and implant solutions

Our expertise in the dental industry is further enhanced by our use of FDA 510 Cleared Abutments, which underscores our commitment to safety and reliability. Acceptance of all major IOS Scans and the convenience of our Doctor Portal offer unparalleled accessibility, making it easier for you to submit, manage, and review your cases with us. This ease of use combined with our personalized service and communication guarantees that every interaction is efficient, clear, and tailored to meet your specific needs.


PMMA Temporaries


Genuine Abutments
Patient-Specific Abutments
Screw-Retained Dentures


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Our team is committed to making your case submission stress-free. Whether you prefer traditional or digital impressions, we’ve made it easy to get your case to our lab. Our convenient send a case process allows you to download Rx forms, schedule local pickups, generate unique and trackable UPS shipping labels, and check turn times. Your convenience is our priority, so you can trust us to handle your cases with care and provide you with a stress-free experience.

At Levson Dental Lab,
we’re not just a lab

Skillfully Crafted Restorations

Choosing Levson Dental Lab means opting for restorations of exceptional quality that lead to increased patient satisfaction and ultimately, improved profits for your practice. Our vertical integration ensures that from the initial scan to the final restoration, every step is controlled for the utmost quality and fastest service. Experience the Levson difference today and discover why we’re the trusted partner for forward-thinking dentists like you.

  • Everything Made in House
  • FDA 510 Cleared Abutments
  • Accept All Major IOS Scans
  • Convenient Doctor Portal
  • Personalized Service and Communication
  • Vertical Integration for Consistent Quality and Fast Turn Times

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