Quality restorations

for happier patients

and a better bottom line!

Fast turnaround for veneers, crowns, bridges, implants and more!

The latest in dental restorations at affordable prices to you!

From full mouth restorations to the latest in implant technology, you can count on our high-quality restorations to appeal to your patients, decrease your chair-side time and boost your bottom line.

We’re a full-service fixed dental lab in Redford and have been servicing metro Detroit dentists for the past 20 years. Every product is made in-house, right here in Michigan, U.S.A., and we utilize state-of-the-art German milling techniques. That means you and your patients will receive the highest in esthetics and the most precise fitting restorations.

We like to think that we represent the future of dentistry and partnership with forward-thinking dentist. Our mission is to satisfy your patients so your reputation and profits go through the roof! Look to us for all of your lab needs.

  • Get restorations of exceptional quality with the fastest turnaround
  • Increase patient satisfaction & reduce chair time
  • Improve your profits by saving time & overhead


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